Weigh-In Week 7

Starting weight on 5/17/12: 265lbs

Last week’s weigh-in: 260lbs

This week’s weigh-in: 257.5lbs

Week’s change: -2.5lbs

Net Change: -7.5lbs

Pounds left until goal reached: 57.5

As usual, this is not as much as I expected to lose. BUT, this is the most weight I’ve lost in a week since the first round of weigh-ins, AND it is my lowest weight since I started all of this. 
AND AND AND, this is the 7th weigh-in, but that means I’ve been dieting/exercising for 6 full weeks. I’ve lost a total of 7.5 pounds. 7.5/6=1.25. 1.25 x 52 = 65. I’m finally on track to lose ALL the weight I’m trying to lose!

The Grand Weight-Loss Challenge

So yesterday marked the beginning of a month-long weight-loss bet I have with my good friend, Daniel Pinney (follow his Twitter if you’re a poker fanatic). At the end of the month, whoever has lost the biggest percentage of body weight (the only fair way of doing it, because I’m much larger than him) wins $25. In addition to that, we are participating in a one-on-one decathlon, with the winner of each event getting $2. I’m not sure how good I’ll be at the weight-loss (I have to lose 1.39lbs for ever 1lbs he loses), but I like my chances in just about every event except for the suicides and push-ups. Here is our tentative itinerary. 


(July 23rd–25th)

DAY 1:

Jump rope – most reps in 5 minutes

Push Ups – most reps in 3 minutes

Wall Squat – endurance of mind/legs, Survivor style

(30 minute Rest)

Basketball – 21

DAY 2:

Swimming – Race to complete 10 full-length laps

(return to apartment to dry-off)

Suicides – 5 end-to-end-and-back on the basketball course

(try not to die of heart failure, walk to field across the street)

Baseball Toss – 3 attempts at farthest throw, roll not included

DAY 3:

Some sort of brute lifting challenge, we’ll work out the details later

(short break)

Arm Wrestling – Best of 5

Tennis Ultimate Grand Finale – Best of 3 Sets

(Showers/Giant poops)


I know I’ve said it a million times before, but I don’t think I’ve said it on Tumblr. This is by far the best workout song ever.

Sweating so much.

(You guys will actually see a big drop in this week’s weigh-in)

alecforshort replied to your postWeigh-in Week 6 (forgot to post yesterday)

Wait until you get to NY and start walking everywhere. I literally dropped 10 pounds in the first month I was here - partially because of a tough life adjustment as well - but still.

I figured as much would happen. Last time I was up there Brittanie and I ate more food than any two humans should ever consume and we both lost weight.

Weigh-in Week 6 (forgot to post yesterday)

Starting weight on 5/17/12: 265lbs

Last week’s weigh-in: 261lbs

This week’s weigh-in: 260lbs

Week’s change: -1lbs

Net Change: -5.0lbs

Pounds left until goal reached: 60

Meh. The good news is I’m sticking to the pound a week formula?

Weigh-In, Week 5

Starting weight on 5/17/12: 265lbs

Last week’s weigh-in: 259lbs

This week’s weigh-in: 261lbs

Week’s change: +2lbs

Net Change: -4.0lbs

Pounds left until goal reached: 61

I’m not going to stop publishing these just because I’ve made almost no progress. I’ve lost an average of a pound per week. If I can keep that average up, I’ll be ecstatic. I didn’t workout last week, so I plan on punishing myself by workingout a shitload this week. 

Message me a color and I’ll do the corresponding exercise

Red: 25 jumping jacks

Orange: 15 crunches

Yellow: 5 push-ups (only 5 because pushing up 261 pounds of fat guy is no easy task)

Green: 5 suicides on the basketball court by my house

Blue: 10 squats

Indigo: 10 minutes of resistance bands

Violet: 5 minutes of conducting (I was drum major of my high school band. It works. Alicia can tell you. I wuz lookin skinny/fly as hell, guuuuurl.)

Weigh-In, Week 4

Starting weight on 5/17/12: 265lbs

Last week’s weigh-in: 260.2lbs

This week’s weigh-in: 259lbs

Week’s change: -1.2lbs

Net Change: -6.0lbs

Pounds left until goal reached: 59

Any loss is a good loss, especially considering that I haven’t been able to workout for 3 days because of my back… and considering that I went on a popcorn binge last night. I sometimes wish all my skinny friends could be put into my shoes and experience my relationship with food. I know people look at a guy like me and think I have no self-control, and they’re absolutely right. I can’t control myself. My eating habit is a psychological disorder. Like, for example, Tuesday I was having a good day. Small meal for breakfast, small meal for lunch, and then dinner roles around and I notice that all I have to eat is asparagus and rice. So, rather than eating that, and rather than making a grocery run, I order 20 jumbo hot wings from wing king. 
This next part is kind of disgusting, so if you don’t want to hear about gross eating habits, just stop reading.
Yesterday the day started off well again. I slept through breakfast, but for lunch I had the asparagus and rice I refused to have the night before. Then dinner roles around and I decide to treat myself to some lightly fried tofu. I end up getting out of that meal with about 500 calories consumed. I swiped by finger across the plate and licked the last bit of semi-healthy deep fried goodness and I had a realization: the oil I was cooking with tasted exactly like movie theater butter. So, I popped a bag of popcorn, drenched it in oil I just used to cook tofu, and ate the entire bag in 6 minutes. 

I have a problem. It sucks, but I am glad to see that I made at least 1lbs of progress this week.
The following is an ode to my stomach:

Weigh-In, Week 3.

Starting weight on 5/17/12: 265lbs

Last week’s weigh-in: 259.4lbs

This week’s weigh-in: 260.2lbs

Week’s change: +0.8lbs

Net Change: -4.8lbs

Pounds left until goal reached: 60.2

Not happy that I gained weight this week, but it is a lot less than I thought I was going to gain. Eating at Sonny’s the day before a weigh-in probably isn’t the best idea.

My dinner from last night: 64oz of Sweet Tea, a piece of cornbread, fried okra, homestyle Mac&Cheese, two slices of garlic bread, a full rack of ribs.
Yeah. Not diet food.  

Forgot to post this Thursday

I’m using the fear of public humiliation as part of my weight loss plan, so every Thursday I will be weighing myself and putting it on Tumblr.

Starting weight on 5/17/12: 265lbs

Weigh-in on 5/24/12: 259.4lbs

Net Change: -5.6lbs!

Pound left until goal reached: 59.4

I usually lose more on my first week of a diet so I probably should be disappointed, but I’m just glad to have actually lost weight. Good jorb, Matt.